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Policy tag values

Policy tags can be found in the Policy Template blocks, they allow you to update company information in 1 place and for it to then flow through new policies as they are published.

Within the template blocks the tags are highlighted in yellow and can be distinguished as they are contained in brackets, for example {Company address} will replace the tag with the full company address in the policy document.

Policy tag admin screen

Tags already defined in policy templates are provided here.

Use the pencil icon to open the tag and enter details relevant to your business.

Policy tag edit screen

New tags can also be created and added into the policy templates if there are particular activities or other text specific to your business which needs to be referenced frequently within policy documents.

To do this use the Add new button, enter the name of the tag, the data type and the value it is to be replaced with. Use the Save button to save and exit the screen.

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